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How it started

Europe’s largest tempe company, Tempé Produkten B.V. was founded in 1969 by Robbert van Dapperen. By 1970 they were making tempe in a small warehouse in Rotterdam. Initially they sold all of their tempe to a couple of Holland’s many Indonesian stores and gradually they started to deliver to the wider Indonesian community. The company began to grow, but all of the tempe was being consumed by Indonesians living in the Netherlands. In January 1972 they moved the thriving company to Kerkrade, rented a bigger building, and started mass production. Ed van Dapperen, the second brother, joined the company as an equal partner. In June 1980 the company bought a $1,000,000 modern factory in Kerkrade and expanded again.


Next steps…

The company developed their own proprietary method for making tempe starter culture. They developed a leaflet on tempe, gave demonstrations on making and cooking with tempe, and got tempe to be sold at the Central Market, with the result that more and more of the greengrocers, who buy their vegetables there early each morning, started selling tempe. The company exported tempe and tempe products to England, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg via a major distributor. By 1984 Tempé Produkten was the world’s second largest tempe manufacturer, after Marusan-Ai in Japan.

Further developments…

In June 1985, Tempé Producten added a new soy food product to its line – tofu, and by 1991 the company was the largest tofu producer in The Netherlands.

Two decades of more success…

Tempe Produkten B.V kept on growing in the Netherlands as well in the rest of Europe. Several times the technology underwent major improvements and the equipment was upgraded in order to enhance the quality of productivity. The company remained market leader in Europe.


After almost 30 years of doing business in Europe the family identified a growing demand in Malaysia and decided to start up a new production facility in Kuala Lumpur. Working together with professional partners the company is ready to deliver high quality tempe for the local market.

After research had been completed with interesting feedback…it really encouraged the company to explore with full confidence into the Asian market with their higher technique of Tempe production


It is the company’s ambition that tempe will become a regular ingredient in every Malaysian household.

The trends in Europe, the USA and other industrialized countries show that the interest for tempe is increasing, by growing interest in health, nutrition and vegetarian. This will fuel our further global expansion.

Management Team

Annette Meyyers

Managing Director

Rahmat Bin Abu Zayid


Norridah Binti Ahad

Business Development Manager

Tan Hong Ling

Business Administration Manager

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